I'm excited to finally have my site live and ready to share Betsy with the rest of the world!


The year is 2008, I was on eBay, it was a Sunday evening.  Red wine may have been involved... I was actually looking for a classic car, something like a Morris Traveller that I could use as a classic car, tinker with it for a bit and be transport for my two basset hounds (Sashenka & Jelena).  Morris minors were not plentiful and what was available was in the £10-£12k region.  I wanted to be more in the £1-2k region....then I stumbled over a curiosity that from the front did kind of look like a Morris minor.  It looked in reasonable condition, just needed the interior to be patched up.  I won the bid.


The rest as they say, "is history".....  (yeah, that £1-2k..hahaha last time I bothered to keep check I was way past the £100k mark...there comes a point when you stop counting...)


Welcome to this web site that is dedicated to the evolution of a 1954 Standard Vanguard into a 2019 Kustom Vanguard.


"It's like driving a piece of art"


There are many people who have been involved along the 10 year experience who I shall mention and say a great thank you to, in order for the vision to become a reality.  None more than my long suffering wife, Suzanne.  Without her support, this Kustom Vanguard would not have become a reality.


This site is more photograph / video focused, there will be some text, but I shall keep it to a minimum.  If we're off to a car show, we'll let you know where & when so you can see the awesome-ness of "Betsy, my Lil'Merc "  #kustomvanguard



CLICK HERE for the BUILD photos and the ongoing progress of the BUILD



As now featured in Custom Car December 2020 magazine.  Click HERE to get yourself a copy.



and now, Finished.......

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