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Oh, this should be about the car!  Okay then...


I am a 1954 Standard Vanguard Phase 2, Wikipedia can tell you all about the history of the car.  Apparently 81k of them were made, probably less than 100 left on the road?  You'd have to ask the Standard Motor Club for exact details, but it won't be a high number (last I heard was "about 20")



The re-design is based on American Mercury lead sleds.


Personally, I think if the Vanguard had come out of the factory looking like Betsy, then there would be a lot more of these cars left (but I'm biased).  But, as it is, this is a one-off, unique little car with a big heart that catches everyones eye and makes everyone smile, especially the driver.


If you see me at a car show (or in the supermarket car park), pop over and say "Hi!", I'm happy to spend hours talking about the journey, the modifications and everything else in between.


thanks  Tony

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