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2019 - Finished...

As we all know... a modified or kustom car is never really finished, it's always in a state of continual improvement.  Well, that's what I kept telling my missus everytime she wonders what that next big box is being delivered by DHL.


For now though (until I fit the new 3.09 diff over Christmas), the car is "finished" and here she is back home, in all her glory!


*y'know I said about being finished, you'll note that the inside of the boot is still not completed - well, that was due to some mods we were making in relation to the fuel tank, now they are done, I can take Betsy back to Equinox Custom Interiors and get that boot finished off to match the rest of the car....that won't be until Feb 2020 though, but hey, how many people are going to see in the boot until then?....oh wait, loads of people....they get to see it every time I fill up with fuel.  well, how often is that going to be?  actually, quite often, this thing drinks fuel, but I blame the driver for that, he seems to have a very heavy right foot, something about loving the noise the exhausts make or something.  anyway, here's some visual pleasure for you.


I am still very much in awe of the way the colour works in different sunlight (or lack of), in bright sunlight she is a very light blue with purple glints, in overcast days, she becomes almost black, but in either light she just shines, I cannot believe just how reflective she is.  She's awesome.

Okay, I have to explain the above image.  This is my "garage".... back in 2008, I had a custom metal car made of Betsy (you can see her in front-middle).  It did have the wing mirrors and radio aerial, but they have been lost over time.  The car was as close a replica as I could have made - even has the same number plate.


I purchased multiple custom lead sleds and then basically, that is what led (pun intended) to moving Betsy to the design of the green Mercury (again another very heavy metal toy car).


I keep this little garage setup at the front of my real garage, as a reminder of "why"...

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