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so what is a standard vanguard

I managed to purhase an old book about the origins of the Standard Vanguard.  Whilst is mainly covers the Phase 1, there are elements of the Phase 2 and it does have a lot of period photos.  


I'm not sure if anyone else has a copy of the original book and I'm not sure if I am allowed to reproduce the content here in digital format, if anyone knows why I cannot display the images here, let me know, until then, please feel free to enjoy a piece of history.


BTW - I bet you didn't know that the Phase 2 Vanguard had the first commercially produced and fitted Diesel engine.  Facinating what gets lost to history.



Quote from early on in the book that was a key inspiration:


"Just as the Vanguard ships of the past and the present have sailed the seven seas to uphold the good name and prestige of Britain, so the new Standard Vanguard is going to the far corners of the world to carry, in its turn, evidence of the quality and craftmanship that has always been associated with British cars, and with the name of Standard in particular"


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