I'm excited to finally have my site live and ready to share Betsy with the rest of the world!


Like many others, I have always loved the look of a chopped Sled.


Then I decided to make it into a cool Hot-Rod based on the American lead sleds...... as the car is very small, I've nick named it as a Lil'Merc...or if she is being nice to me, "Betsy"

some design thinking


After reading about where the original designs for the Vanguard came from, I checked out some more American cars and the Lead Sled Mercs looked very nice and the Vanguard wasn't that far away design-wise... out came the pen & pencils and a little bit of photoshop




I had some nice ideas about what I wanted the end result to look like, but I lack the photoshop skills, so I took some photo's of the original car on top of Westbury White horse hill and asked what some experts on the retrorides forum could make....


Yes, that is a photoshop made by a very awesome person (as mentioned on the retrorides forum).  I printed this image out and showed it to my wife.  Her response was, "if you can make that ugly car look as nice as that, I might even consider getting in it".  The gauntlet was thrown :-)



Yep...we even considered making it into a Gasser! ("Stan Van Gasser")


I don't think we did too bad in the end!  Of course, I should put all the praise towards Jimmy Hibberd and his team at Valley Gas.

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