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Jaguar 2-type v6 sport

I can't recall the exact time I picked up this lovely Jag, I think it was around mid-2010.    Although she's on a 53 plate (2003), she's actually registered on 1st January 2004.


I saw the car on a Jaguar specialist forecourt, the ultraviolet blue glimmered in the sunlight and caught my eye.  I turned the BMW I was driving at the time around at the earlier opportunity and pulled up onto the forecourt.  I basically, walked in bought the Jag and left the BMW as a part-ex.

I was warned that they'd only just got the car, they hadn't done any checks or even cleaned it and if I could wait they would do all of this (and no doubt increase the price).  I said it was fine, I'd take it as it was.  They didn't however change any details of the sale, therefore it still had full warranty etc...

I had the car for a whole weekend before I managed to blow both the head-gaskets on the V6 2.5ltr engine!  Fortunately, they accepted the car back and spent the next 6 weeks repairing it.  When she came back, she was good as new.  In fact, it was like new life had been breathed into her.

I then drove her everywhere and I mean everywhere!  We've been to Lands end (multiple times), all around the top of the Scottish highlands (again, multiple times), up and down the country, zig-zagging from one side to the other.  I must admit, I did pay through the nose for servicing and up-keep, whenever something needed potentially replacing, I had it done and I paid for the OEM part from Jaguar to be used.  I kept telling the missus, "yes, it is expensive, but this part will pay itself back over the next 10years"..... and that is actually what has indeed happened.


I had the infamous 'ABS Sensor' message displayed on the dash and this was one of the only times I worked on this Jag myself - oh, I also had to replace the windscreen washer bottle pump, that involved getting inside the drivers side front wing!


I think it was around Feb 2016, when some joker in a Land Rover Discovery (driving way too fast in a very heavy rain storm), decided that he'd use the Jag to stop his vehicle at a roundabout.  Whilst we were shoved unceremoniously into the center of the roundabout, he drove off!  I only know what vehicle it was as I can still see the reverse letters of 'Discovery' in my rear view mirror before he hit us.  Anyway, long story short, I was mortified, my previous Jag that had always been immaculate was now caved-in.  I gave the car to CCM to scrap it for me as I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I then went down the route of a Mercedes company car for 3 years.  I once saw another Jag in the same colour and my heart skipped a beat and I sighed for my tragic loss.


Until, June 2020!  I bumped into CCM and he said, "your Jag drives like a dream, do you want it back?"....I was stunned.  Turns out, CCM had repaired the Jag and had been driving it around for the past 4 years!  They'd been around the country in her, even over to Belgium for a week or two, they'd fixed the drivers side sills and kept her in tip-top condition (apart from the passenger front corner, but that is a tricky place in a tight spot).
I took re-ownership of the car during the Covid-19 lockdown and still managed to do 1200 miles in the first 3 weeks of having her, oh, the luxury and build quality put the 2016 Mercedes to shame!  I'd forgotten about the heat front seats, the heated front windscreen, the awesome "S" button that is like a red-bull boost for the car!


As time had moved on, so had I.  I had never doe any hands-on work with the Jag before, mainly due to being too worried about the cost & expense of doing something wrong.  Now, however, after the experiences with the other cars, I felt more confident to get more hands on with the Jag.


So, I decided to purchase some proper H&R springs that were a replacement for the old and rusty springs, that seemed to match the Sport springs that should have been on the Jag in the first place - somewhere along the line, "normal" springs had been put on and made the car sit a little higher than I liked.

Anyway, after a few tiresome weekends, I managed to replace the springs all round (I'm now very experienced in how to do this!), I had to purchase a Ryobi impact wrench, otherwise there was no way I was going to get the job done.

I am pleased to say, I am now happy with the "look" of the Jag, she sits just right now.  Probably how she should have come out of the factory, in my opinion.


As to anythign else?  Well, she's at 185k miles now and still pulls like a train, so the engine is doing well.  I'll just keep her going at whatever expense it takes.


(I suspect some welding is going to be required and potentially some rusty spots need sorting out, which I'm sure I know a few people who would be more than happy to help sort those bits out)

Jaguar 2-type 'R' (V8 Supercharger)

As I sold the Subaru Sambar and the MG F.....there was some space on the driveway.


It was then that I found my dream car.... a June 2007 S-Type R.


Yes, the 4.2Ltr Supercharged V8 S-Type Jaguar was now within my grasp - it was a £50k car when it was first sold, so was way out of my price range back then, but now....


We now have 2 Jags on the driveway :-D


If you don't know.... it's a 0-60mph in 5-ish seconds, but the main take home is that it's 400-425BHP with about 700Ib of torque, which throws you right back into your seat.  The 90-120mph acceleration is in about 3.5 seconds (YMMV), it's a monster sleeper of a car.  It is awesome and I'm sure it'll be a nice weekend track car ;-)


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