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kontiki 635 - motorhome


Well, since about 2018 I've been fishing with the idea of getting a motorhome, y'know the whole #vanlife movement appeals to my inner-hippie; except there is no-way I realistically follow that dream - although I am now nicely in a position where I can work "remote" a lot more than I used to.


Then COVID-19 kicked in the past few years & my plans got shelved.  I then returned Betsy back to Valley Gas for the few minor changes at the start of 2022...and I started to think to myself, whilst we have literally spent every spare penny on Betsy since 2011, maybe it's now time to spend some money on "us".  I mean myself, the missus and Libby the cat #libbycattravels


We went and had a look at a few motorhomes to get a guage on interior designs and what might work for us (and the cat), and we relatively quickly managed to find a "rare" Kontiki 635 motorhome.  It was a top-of-the-range model in 2015, so it literally has everything fitted to it - it doesn't need anything else doing - all done.


My plan was to have a tow-bar fitted, so I can pull Betsy behind on a trailer - yes, I know I've always said Betsy will never be a "trailer queen", but y'know, times change.  It also means that we can travel further distances for "shows / events", drop the car off & stay in a nice luxury motorhome without paying hotel prices etc...


anyway, long story short here is our mini-house on wheels - it's just another awesome kustom vehicle :-)




....and of course 6 hours after owning the motorhome, I crunched it!... d'oh!


It was my own mistake, I allowed myself to get pressured by people sitting in their cars, whilst I was blocking the road attempting to reverse onto my driveway - it was a tigher fit than I expected to get between the posts and I rushed - lesson learnt, f--k em, they can wait for as long as it takes.



I've now also "removed" about 4ft of the wall to allow for a greater swing in/ swing out angle.


Check out the full story here:





I can still hear the crunching noise of the fibreglass..... thankfully, it was "just" the fibreglass component and not the actual motorhome




Out with the white duct tape and there we go - good as new!  until I can find a replacement


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