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MG F - (Daphne) 

As explained int he MG Midget page, the MG F came about due to a car swap.  Both my missus and I had originally wanted one of these cars back in the mid-90s, but they were way too expensive, I believe they were up in the high teens (18-20k).  To own one now was nice.

To own one that had 2 owners and 23000miles on the clock, that was something else!

She's a great little car.  Sticks to the road like glue, wants to pull to max. rev's in every gear and makes a lovely noise whilst doing so.  You'll note in the photo above, the ride height there is the regulation "pumped up" height.  I don't like cars that let you put your shoe between the tyre and the wheel arch, so the first job was to drop that ride height :-)





To be fair, this car was just "get in and go" and that is all I did for a few months...



...and then, well, then I started to do a bit more research and thought, maybe I should replace the pipes underneath and the radiator, we don't want that lovely 1.8VVC K-Series engine having a Head Gasket Failure now do we...



Yeah, they were in serious need of being replaced.  Nice shiny new stainless steel versions were procured and fitted.




I fitted a new radiator and upgraded fan.  I was quite happy with myself.  We enjoyed multiple trips out going as far as Devon, North Wales and Nottingham!


Then it happened.  At 27000 miles going down the M4.  Kaboom.  The dreaded H.G.F. 


I Managed to get stopped and off the road very quickly, which was helpful as I believe that helped to not wreck too much.



I ummed and arred for a few months about whether it was actually worth repairing and then decided to just "get it done".

I did call the specialists in though, as they said they could do the work in less than a day.


               True to their word, it was all done (I did help!) in one day and she lived again.


Since then, she's been out and about.  I managed to get a "posh" Abington(?) hard top that is in the same solar red, which colour matches really well.  She was up to about 30000 miles when writing this and still going strong. 



I've done some other work since the HGF, like new coil packs, new intake manifold (52mm), new cold air induction kit and new 215 chunky/sticky tyres all round.  She's actually my "go to" car if I want to go and "drive", she's a go-kart and is very quick, mainly due to being so light.  One day I'll take her on the track and see what she can really do.


As a treat, I decided to get al lthe little dents and knocks removed from down the side of the car - there were > 20 believe it or not!

This great guy and genius at what he does, Kostas, from Car Wizard did the magic.  She's now fully restored and when I have to give the Mercedes leasecar back, she is going to be my daily driver.


If I have a complaint, it's the getting out of the car!  It's too low.  Yes, I did just say that!



Here's a photo after I fitted new headlights and have taken Daphne for lots of fun you can tell by the very dirty wheels!!!  Still loving this car to bits at 33650 miles!


I've decided that next year (2020), I'm going to bite the bullet and properly lower the suspension of the MG F.  I know it looks low in the photo above, which is nice, don't get me wrong....but it's actually a side effect of the hydragas suspension fluid being too low.  This will have wear and tear issues on other components and eventually will end up costing me a small fortune to replace all those components.



Through the good old internet, I was introduced to this gentleman, who's a bit of an expsert on MG Fs.


He has designed a complete replacement suspension kick called the: "Mike Satur MG F Coil Conversion Kit FCCkit", of which I will be purchasing and fitting next year.


Now, the purists will claim that the hydragas is the best suspension to keep, it's awesome when it's all tiptop and working, but it does mean the MG F has a ride height of about 2foot in the air.  This just doesn't feel right when driving or when it's sitting on my driveway.


For my reference, here is a short video on how to do this.

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