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MG Midget

Back in 2011/12(?), when Betsy was off visiting Valley Gas, I wanted to get a bit more hands-on experience of working on older classic cars, so what could be more British than getting yourself an MG.


Not just any MG, but (one of) the smallest MGs.  I'm 6ft2", it was hilarious watching people watching me getting in and out of the Lil'MG, they never could quite figure out "where do your legs go?"

So, I started really basic with this car.  I did the classic "swap those massive heavy black bumpers for chrome ones".  I did this, not for anyone else, not to try and pass it off for an older version, but purely for aesthetics.  It looked better in chrome, simple as.

I also had a custom grille made that I had to work out how to fit it, and did some fun exercises with fibreglass to keep the original indicators - all done so that it could be converted back in the future, if needed.


My wife then went on a welding course (yes, you did read that correct....go back and read it again!), and then she spent a weekend passing on that knowledge to myself.  I then set about repairing all of the rot that was contained within the hidden crevices of this little MG.


The welding experience was great, the MIG welder worked a treat for me, eventually! and was going to give me more confidence if I needed to do anything on Betsy. 


I "refreshed" the engine bay too, basically I got carried away and replaced everything, every hose, every clip, everything.... 


Now being happy that the car was safe and was running perfect, we started to take her out for longer and longer runs.  We even ended up doing an 11 hour drive to the heart of Wales at one point - no idea where we were, but it was awesome zooming around in this fun little car.  On a private road (cough cough), she could easily hit triple digits too....awesomely fun car.

Sadly though, my wife decided to drive it a few times and each time we ended up having massive lorries either trying to get in the boot or almost driving into us.  My missus had no confidence in driving the car.  Darn it.


So, the time came when I decided that I should sell it...and as luck would have it, someone online wanted to swap a 2001 MG F for an old MG Midget...


...and one Saturday afternoon in May, the magic swap happened

Yes, I did offer the original bumpers, but they were not needed.  The nice chap Mark loved the look of the MG Midget as it was.  The swap was done.  Yes, from a financial perspective I more than likely came off a lot worse, but it wasn't/isn't about the money.  The MG Midget was not really going to get used and it needed to get used, so it was what was better for the car, not my wallet.

Amusingly enough my missus really liked the much bulkier and larger MG F - even though I think she's only driven it once since we got it!  Which doesn't actually bother me, as I really like it, but that's for a different page.


*And yes, I did also used to have an S-Type Jag 2.5Ltr V6 Sport in Ultraviolet (I miss that car)


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