I'm excited to finally have my site live and ready to share Betsy with the rest of the world!


After far too many years, 2018 was the actual year when Betsy was officially "on the road".


Here's a walk around tour of Betsy ticking over on her driveway (well, she shares it with some other of my vehicles, but she tolerates them being there).


The phone audio doesn't do the exhaust noise justice.  You can "feel" it when you stand near her.


I love it x


As a small test, we decided to take Betsy to the Vintage Nostalgia Festival, as it was only a 25-30minute drive up the road.  It was her first "proper outing".


It was an awesome day, got to meet a lot of people, baffled a lot of people, confused even more and got to meet one of the original Valley Gas team who worked on Betsy the first time around, he now runs his own shop called Old Bones fabrications - check them out, they have made some awesome vehicles!




We were asked so many times, "How can you see out of that windscreen?".  Well, here's a photo to show that you can actually see quite a lot!  Maybe not traffic lights when you pull up to them, but for all other viewing, it's pretty good.  Oh, that's a temporary rear view mirror I fitted as I found it rearly odd not having any mirrors at all (it probably won't be staying, we'll see)


Betsy behaved exceedingly well, she worked fine, she looked good, she made it there and back no problems at all.  It was a really good confidence booster, for both myself and my missus (who was not enjoying the lack of interior too much and the deafening roar of the exhausts at a certain speed).




We were invited to attend the 1st M4 Karting Classic car show (from a meeting with a nice chap whilst at the Vintage Nostalgia Festival event), it was only 20mins drive up the road, so we decided to pop along and see all the other awesome cars on display and well, show Betsy off a little bit again. 


It was another great day, got to meet lots of people and met a very nice lady who might be interested in make the interior for Betsy (let's see how the future works out!)

I then took Betsy for a bit more of an adventurous drive. 


140 mile round trip (in one day, in the worst possible rain you can image!).  I had promised that I would take her to an IBM 60th anniversary event that just happened to be hosted on the wettest day of the year.  Again, my missus tolerated myself & Betsy (and it cost me Gin) for the journey down the A303, despite the weather conditions, Betsy once again, performed flawlessly and my confidence in driving her up to the speed limit (which, as I found, she gets to extrememly quickly!) is really helping for me to bond and become one with Betsy.  I'm not quite at the "let's go drifting" stage, but I'm no longer gripping the steering wheel so tight, that I lose blood circulation to the ends of my fingers!


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