I'm excited to finally have my site live and ready to share Betsy with the rest of the world!


Betsy spent the first half of 2019 either in my garage or at Equinox Custom Interiors....


....and the second half was spent at Valley Gas!  So, we haven't actually had much time to take her out and about this year.  The main aim was to get all the little touches finished off and perfected, so we can go properly out and about during 2020.


After asking Valley Gas to finish off the chrome trim, steering wheel and dashboard, along with some minor mechanical tweaks, I said it was absolutely okay for them to take Betsy for a test drive.  I believe it was the first time Valley Gas / Jimmy / Ellie had actually ever actually driven the car out on the road.  So naturally, they drove her to Goodwood!


Which made me wonder if I should have a chat with the 11th Duke of Richmond about attending the 2020 Goodwood revival and have Betsy on a display stand of some sort..... watch this space to see if that ever happens.


Until then, here's some photo's of Betsy out in the wild....without me!


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