I'm excited to finally have my site live and ready to share Betsy with the rest of the world!


Well, what can I say?  It was a funny old year, 2020.... and then 2021 was just as bad.


However, I did keep fluids topped up, oil changed, a once over of everything once a month to make sure everything was ship-shape (well, as much as I could without a 4-poster lift).


I took Betsy out for the occasional 100 mile round trip, clocking up a whole 1000 miles now since officially being back on the road.


Here's someone elses video that caught a glimpse of Betsy out and about in the summer sun.



Sadly, due to the automatic gearbox mechanical fault,  I managed to damage the rear end and passenger 1/4 panel of Betsy.


The metal & paint will be fixed and will look like new again, it's actually a nice time to get the whole paintwork re-touched up as it's been a few years now since it was painted, might even get a ceramic coating too.




Due to COVID and everyone being very busy - the car has sat in the back of the garage until January 2022.  Now it's just a question of time, effort and money to get it back on the road.  Roll-on mid-2022!


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