I'm excited to finally have my site live and ready to share Betsy with the rest of the world!


Well, what can I say?  It was a funny old year, 2020.... and then 2021 was just as bad.


However, I did keep fluids topped up, oil changed, a once over of everything once a month to make sure everything was ship-shape (well, as much as I could without a 4-poster lift).


I took Betsy out for the occasional 100 mile round trip, clocking up a whole 1000 miles now since officially being back on the road.


Here's someone elses video that caught a glimpse of Betsy out and about in the summer sun.



Sadly (due to a mechanical fault - *under investigation*), I managed to damage the rear end and passenger 1/4 panel of Betsy.  Therefore, she's going back to Valley Gas for assessment / review.


I'm sure the "cosmetic" side of things can be fixed with some hammers, welding tools and filler and a new paint job (gulp!), but I'm cautious about what I may have "bent up" underneath along the drive-train.


This might be a good time to dig out the old LT77 4-speed manual gearbox that I've had in the back of the garage for a few years now and perform a swap, along with fitting that 3.09 new diff, along with a front-disc brake upgrade.... let's see how many kidneys I have to provide Valley Gas, before making such decisions, although it does seem a logical time.  However, as we all know, Valley Gas are always super busy, so Betsy (or "Christine" as I'm now thinking of calling her) will have to go back into the garage and wait until early 2022 to be fixed up.



After a month of sitting in the garage, it was time to take the car back to Valley Gas for an assessment  / review.

Yep, they were as baffled as I was about the how's & why's of the mis-behaving gearbox.


The "cosmetic" assessment was along the lines of, "it could have been worse" (uh-huh), but it does sound like it is just a ton of time & effort and skillful people who REALLY know what they are doing with metal to unfold the rear quarter panel and straighten the backend back up.  It's not going to be a quick or easy job (when has it ever been with this car?).

Then, once that is done, it'll be the task of a master painter to repaint the car so that it doesn't look like the car is two different colours.


As to the gearbox?  Well, yep, that's going "in the bin", along with a few other items that will be upgraded whilst we are there.


Not cheap and certainly not a quick job.  A VERY expensive 4-5 seconds - which "could have been a LOT worse", ie. what if someone was standing behind the car - I shudder at the thought. (Un)Luckily it was only myself who suffered injuries, looks like I'll have a right-leg limp as a reminder of this event.


So....back to the back of the garage the car goes and we'll get her back out in Feb 2022! (and I'll have to find a bank to rob to find another £25k!!!!)


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