I'm excited to finally have my site live and ready to share Betsy with the rest of the world!


Well, Betsy was picked up in mid-January and off she went to the paint/metal shop to get her left "shoulder blade" fixed up.  I said, "don't rush".



Now it's the end of April and she's back with Valley Gas for Phase/Iteration/Modification number 15.


I was going to fit the Rover P6 3500 4-speed manual gearbox, but it felt like way too much hassle & cost for the benefit - I should have done that in the first place if I was going to do it - maybe the next person can do that change if they want to?


I'm having a custom front number plate holder made, that will look nice & sleek, as well as keeping Mr.Policeman happy too.


I have however purchased, new front upgraded vented discs and calipers - the originals were okay, but they were the standard Ford Cortina one's and well, it seems apt to upgrade them now whilst we have the opportunity.


I also acquired a new 3.09 diff, which Valley Gas are okay with fitting.  What does that mean?  well, she had the original Ford Cortina V6 2.3ltr diff which was, again like the brakes, okay for proving everything works, but it was too low a ratio.  You would be revving the nuts of the engine doing normal speeds and it was just not good for the engine, for instance, you'd be screaming to 4000rpm in 2nd gear just for it to pop into 3rd gear at 45mph.  It was not nice.

With this diff, the gearing and the wheel size, we reckon that 3000rpm in 3rd gear will be around 75mph.

Yay! I'll finally be able to take her onto the motorway!  That is correct I've NEVER taken her on a "big" road due to the gear ratio's being wrong and it just felt wrong.  I've always stuck to the 50mph country lanes.

Now, however, I'll be able to take her further distances - and hopefully off to car shows!



So....I got used to the car before.  Then she sat in the back of the garage for 6 months.  Then she's been off elsewhere for 5 months.


When I stood next to her for this photo, my first thought was, "wow, this car is way too low - how does it go over speed bumps?"


.....and then I realised, I've just said what everyone else used to say to me!  She was fine though, it's all an optical illusion :-D


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