I'm excited to finally have my site live and ready to share Betsy with the rest of the world!

Tucked up in her own garage

Not saying that I spoil Betsy something rotten, but I spend about a week completely re-decorating, re-modelling the garage at home so it would be a better experience for working on, maintaining Betsy (and other vehicles) and can basically be a nicer man cave, rather than the dark, dingy, cobwebbed, cold floored, damp smelling place it was before.  Yes, as usual, I may have gotten a bit carried away.  But, I think you'll agree, she's worth it.



After the recent visit to Valley Gas....and a horrid drive home in the rain and mud (Betsy got very grubby - that wash, wax and polish of the morning was well and truly gone).  Arrived home and time to put her back in her forever home garage...


(amusingly, in this photo she still looks clean & shiny - trust me she is very far from it when you get up close - she takes a good photo, is all I shall say!)



Just look at how grubby that windscreen is, that gives you an indication of how grubby she got!   oh and it took me until getting home (40-ish miles) to remember which of those dials was the windscreen wipers!  I'll have to make a note of it someplace handy...


will they fit?

Without any mirrors that was a tricky reversing session!



will they fit?

nice and snug




So, just how much room is there with these two in the garage??????


Enough!  just enough!  phew!  and the good news is I still do have enough room to actually do things in the garage and get past the cars too.  excellent.






The view from the you can see, the A35 is actually a very skinny car, and Betsy does look very rotund and girthy on her own, but when you look at them like this, they are not actually that much different in width.  How bizarre.



(ignore that stuff on the roof of JASmine, it's just the boot floor rubber that I'm using as a template to cut out a new one and fit, yes, I'm using the roof of the car as a shelf / desk as the work bench is too full on the right hand side)


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