I'm excited to finally have my site live and ready to share Betsy with the rest of the world!


Still not totally decided what we're going to do inside the car, but all I know is, it has to look and feel as good on the inside as it does on the outside.  Oh and have a firmer bench seat, myself and my missus are fed up of bouncing around like we're in a bouncy castle and if I hit my head on the roof one more time...... :-D


I think we've pretty much achieved what I was after!  what do you reckon?



The current interior is quite sparse, but it did allow time to get all the wiring figured out.  The plan will be to hide all that lot behind a nice panel of some sort.

Time to get the experts involved

I am the first person to admit, I don't do the pretty bits very well!  Therefore, I've been on the hunt for many years to find someone who can do the interior work, to the quality that I'm looking for and within a sensible budget....and is not overwhelmed by the starting condition to work from.


As I say, I have spent years asking around, checking out previous work and lots of umming and arrring..


Then, as luck would have it I managed to have a chat with Chris from Equinox Customer Interiors ( )


After popping over to their new location and checking out previous work and seeing Chris in action, the decision was made.  However, this level of quality is in demand...a lot of demand!  I managed to get Betsy booked in for a slot, about 9 months in the future.... it wasn't that bad, time soon flies by.


Then Chris had the interesting task and several months to turn the bare interior that I'd learnt to live with into something I had a vision of.


Chris met and exceeded my expectations.  Of course, there were issues (hey, it's this car, we didn't expect anything to be simple or easy!) and there were challenges to overcome and a lot of head scratching to be done.


I know this is said a lot of times, but....the photo's really do not do this justice - seriously, you have to see this interior in the flesh.  It is awesome.



We had loads of issues in reference to the bench seat.... and in the end we compromised to have a fixed arm rest and cup holders, well mobile phone/drinks holders... The seats can still move forward, butterfly wing style - to give easier access to the secure carpeted box section that we've made to fit behind the seat.  Not really noticeable in the photo, but can be seen in the video.


what it takes to get into those curves!


As you can see, whilst the interior has been done out to my required "Bentley Continental" level, the actual custom dashboard is still in bare metal.


The reason for that?.....well, it had to be returned back to Valley Gas for them to finish it off for me.  Note, that within the doors, I managed to find some really rare 'Vanguard' winged badge emblems, well, we wanted to continue that theme on the dashboard....




I wanted to keep with the 50s theme of car still, therefore the dashboard needed to be painted in the same Ford Ink Blue.


I think it was a good choice, but I'm biased, naturally.




....and fitted back into Betsy.  Note the lovely chromed air vents fitted too, nice and subtle but as I found, very essential to stop that very small windscreen from steaming up!

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