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Well, the car came back from Valley Gas as a majority of the structural work had been completed and I wanted to get a bit more hands on....the car was still pretty much a bare shell with an engine. 


It needed fuel lines, needed fuel tank, fuel pump, brake lines to be custom made and connected to new master cylinder, needed complete electric wiring loom to be worked out, needed all the engine work sorting out, carb rebuild, electronic ignition setting up, plumbing of pipework, lights, indicators, horns, electric windows (okay they were'nt totally necessary, but I fitted them anyway!), custom glass for doors and windscreen, figuring out how to fit and get custom shocks and springs for the front and rear suspension (thank you Protech shocks!) You get the idea.... there was still a lot to do and well, as I say I wanted to get a bit more hands on.  So I did.  It took a lot longer than it would have if I had have let Valley Gas do the work, but y'know, I wanted to make sure I knew what was going on.


Then the car was in a good enough condition to get painted by Andy Meakin...which we'll come to later on.


As mentioned, protech shocks, supplied the front & rear custom shocks and springs.


If you are seriously thinking of fitting the best custom solution to your ride, go visit these guys, they are lovely (they'll even make you a brew), they have the best knowledge and advice.


This is the genuine first time that the engine was fired had no fluids (apart from oil), but it proved that the carb rebuild was good, the ignition/fuel pump pressure and timing were all spot on.




Andy is a great guy for detail, he has decades of experience of all things car related, he's a master welder and painter, so he knows that for the paint to be good, the preparation of the body work has to be good.  So he got a little bit obsessed with the door gaps for a while, which was actually very crucial to get right!  Then it was back to bare metal again.  I actually liked the car at that stage and just wanted it clear coated, but Andy talked me out of it!  Then it was months & months & months of prep and sanding....



And to quote Andy, "After all that prep work, I spend a couple of days waggling a paint gun around and we have paint".  He makes it sound so simple.  I can assure you, it's not!  Getting the paint onto the car is one thing, then doing all the post-paint prep eats up more time...and well, Andy is a perfectionist, so if that bonnet is not 100%, it gets stripped back down and done again...and again...and again...oh, that is sooo much better!  Right, that rear wheel spat, that's not right.... you can see how this went :-)


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