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valley gas 2 (the sequel)

There came a natural point in time where Betsy just had to go back to Valley Gas.  I think she missed the place :-)


Before going, however I had one or two little things I wanted to get sorted out.  Although, I had proven the engine running previously, that was before I re-did the wiring etc... after the paint work.  Here's a little video of me just making sure everything was still ship-shape and tickety-boo.




You may ask, "why is the car going on the back of a low-loader?"...well, after fighting with the master cylinder and brakes for ages, I just couldn't get enough pressure (I eventually found a small crack in the rear brake pipe, a tiny, tiny, tiny little crack in a very obscure place) and it was enough to not be safe, I was going to replace it myself and then I thought, well, the rear wheels have got to come off anyway for the handbrake cable fitting, I'll let the team at Valley Gas do it, they have a 4-poster available, it'll be so much easier for them than me!


Also, whilst we'd fitted the Lokar gearstick and I'd made the linkage to the Borg Warner 65 gearbox, it was not behaving as it should...for instance, on tick over and in N, it would still creep forward slowly, which was a bit un-nerving if you were under the bonnet at the time.  Betsy was trying to run you down!


So, armed with a little list of finishing off bits and making a new dashboard, off to Valley Gas she went.


Valley Gas did a great job of making sure Betsy passed her MOT and was safe to drive.  The only thing being, she is a scary beast to drive!  As there is no interior, she's loud, very LOUD!  The suspension is spot on, it's like driving a modern car, the steering is well balanced and rather light (mainly due to the engine sitting behind the steering rack), therefore not needing power steering or arms like popeye.


Well, that was a little embarassing!  2 days after getting back home, I decided to embrace taking Betsy out for small 2-3 mile drives, so I drove to H@lf0rds to get some rubber grommets (basically any excuse) and well, after reversing into this parking spot, getting what I needed, she wouldn't start.  Long story short, it was 2 wires that had shaken loose, one under the dash and one off the starter motor.  They are now re-crimped and solid.  I did then spend the next morning going back over everything to make sure all was good.  It was just a minor gremlin and considering everything it was a darn site less than I expected to go wrong.



I popped over to see Andy Meakin and he filmed Betsy - this was the first video of her being out on the real road under her own power.....   "What is it?" LOL


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