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valley gas 3 (the TRILOGY)

Whilst the interior has been done out to my required "Bentley Continental" level, the actual custom dashboard was still in bare metal.


The reason for that?.....well, it had to be returned back to Valley Gas for them to finish it off for me.  Note, that within the doors, I managed to find some really rare 'Vanguard' winged badge emblems, well, we wanted to continue that theme on the dashboard....


I wanted to keep with the 50s theme of car still, therefore the dashboard needed to be painted in the same Ford Ink Blue.


I think it was a good choice, but I'm biased, naturally.




....and fitted back into Betsy.  Note the lovely chromed air vents fitted too, nice and subtle but as I found, very essential to stop that very small windscreen from steaming up!


Whilst it was okay-ish, the whole dashboard area really needed finishing off...




The steering column was removed and painted, the whole dashboard was removed and painted, the center console was created to house the new mini heater and a nice parcel tray was hand crafted.  The steering wheel was also painted and a very rare custom center piece was also fitted.




I had been umming and arrrring about having chrome strips custom made to fit around the front and rear windows for ages and you can see, Jimmy and his team did a great job of making them from scratch and fitting them.  I think it just finishes the car off visually.





Once the cosmetics were finished, there were a few mechanical items that needed looking into.  Off to the 4-poster it went to have the gearbox sump and gasket replaced - yay! no more puddles of sweet smelling gearbox oil in the garage at home.


The exhaust tips were finally welded into place and the mini-heater was plumbed in.


Whilst I have been okay with the engine revving a little high and the not-so-smooth gearbox thud up the gears, mainly due to my ignorance of not having anything to compare it against, Jimmy wasn't so keen on this occurring.  After a bit of investigation, it was determined that the gearing was maybe not ideal in this setup.  After all, the rear-diff was from the 2.3ltr MkV cortina that was okay for the 5-speed manual, but it wasn't quite right for the 3-speed auto V8 it was married up to.

Jimmy wasn't too happy with it.  As I say, I was none the wiser, it just meant Betsy didn't cruise at lower enough revs when up at motorway speeds, but as I'd only done about 1000 miles by this point it's not like I'd drive her for long and far.


The jury is still out on whether it costs me another kidney or leg to have those parts replaced or whether we keep her as she is and drive her around and wait until next year for a Valley Gas IV visit.... time and funds will tell...

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