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Valley Gas IV

Now, it does feel like a Rocky movie, but it's just convenient timing instead.


Why is Betsy back at Valley Gas?  Well, tbh - she has spent most of her life there, a lot more time there than with me!


She's currently in for a new diff. (fingers crossed it'll sort out the low gearing and high-revs), whilst replacing though, VG noticed that oddly the half-shafts were a bit "stuck" or "bent", so they spent a few weeks having fun removing them and replacing them - not sure if it was always like that or was due to too much strain put on the components over the past 1000 miles or whether it was due to the "incident"?  The only good thing is, it's now sorted out.


The new front discs and calipers have been fitted - these weren't a major upgrade, but they were an upgrade from the standard one's, so hopefully they'll feel a bit better?


I did have a longer list of smaller items that I wanted to be done, such as fitting extra exhaust silencers and ceramic coating, but I've decided not to pursue this anymore, I'll let the next owner fund that (hint:hint).... I will however ask for the front-number plate holder/design to be done and then she'll hopefully be coming back home - VG will still need to spend a week or so driving it about to make sure nothing else is wrong (ie. the gearbox still being straight internally), we shall see.

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